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Picture your schedule for the day consists of back-to-back meetings at the start of your morning until late into the evening, with a potential lunch break squeezed in. Is this your reality? And, if so, what do these meetings look like for you? Are they collaborative, fostering a creative space for you to generate innovative ideas? Or do you struggle to stay focused, feeling as though your precious time is squandered by needless conversations? There is no denying the significance of meetings; teams need to engage in open communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. Meetings also present an opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Team or coworker gatherings represent a time to come together and impart new and hopefully useful information.

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Now that we have established meetings are crucial, how do we address the reality that meetings are not always efficient? Frankly, unengaging meetings can be a terrible waste of time. With the rise of web meetings during COVID-19 and expected to extend into the near future, meeting participants can effortlessly shut themselves out. Attendees multitask during meetings while their microphone and camera are shut off, using this time to focus on other work. This redirection of attention renders the meeting useless for those attendees. Fortunately, new technology is advancing in a direction that solves these inefficiencies.

Tech Leaders Are Adding AI to Meetings

Whether you value or dread meetings, artificial intelligence has offered novel solutions to both elevate your productive meetings and eliminate your needless ones. AI covers many areas of technology, including machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), bots that perform automated tasks, and speech translated to text. For those of you who are unaware, NLP powers voice assistants to translate human speech into meaning. AI with embedded NLP can pick up on important aspects of the meeting based on attendees' vocal tones and cadence. The tools of AI learn as they are implemented over time, gathering insights from previous behavior and external data sources. A survey of qualified IT leaders who expressed interest in AI was conducted by the International Data Group (IDG). The survey's findings reveal the role leaders are looking at AI to assume. 71% of survey respondents are committed to using AI-enabled tools such as virtual assistants, natural language processing, and predictive alerts. Another 79% believe that AI allows users to accomplish more during their workday. And approximately 74% advocate that AI boosts user's productivity in accomplishing daily tasks and making informed decisions. A further conclusion from the survey identifies how AI is vastly incorporated to improve meetings. 15% of respondents claim to already use AI tools in their meetings, with 19% citing it as a priority for the coming year and 34% planning to use it in their meetings the following year.

deepTalk's AI Assistant Boosts Meeting Productivity

How AI's Performance Boosts Meeting Productivity

It is clear that tech leaders envision the productivity boost and performance improvement AI can deliver. But how? The IDG survey pinpointed three AI-enabled technologies with the greatest potential to make meetings productive.

  • A recording and transcription of a meeting and the meeting minutes. Transcripts allow participants to continue engaging after the conclusion of a meeting by searching for ideas or keywords mentioned. Also, a recording keeps absent team members in the loop for convenient listening at a later time.

  • Predictive technology is used to notify or remind users of upcoming meetings, tasks, and even generate follow-up suggestions. For instance, this AI listens in on meetings to record deadlines; when those deadlines approach, reminders can be sent out to the relevant teams. This tech ensures not a single deadline or insight would be missed or forgotten.

  • Virtual meeting assistants with chat bot features. These meeting assistants can respond to specific commands of attendees, essentially fulfilling the role of a personal assistant while participants stay diligently on topic.

The three AI-enabled technological features will facilitate a refocus of time and energy away from mundane administrative tasks, such as meeting minutes, attendance, scheduling, and more. AI refuels the drain in creative output. In addition to keeping teams updated, meetings should open an atmosphere for free-flowing ideas. Attendees could actively participate without the burden of endless note-taking. The increase in engagement would pave another route to maximize productivity.

Turn conversations into actions with deepTalk's smart meeting assistant

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So what AI is available for you to exponentially improve your meetings? You could settle with transcription services. Or, you can use deepTalk, a product that not only offers transcription and recording, but also automated meeting minutes. deepTalk uses AI and NLP to generate action items and a summary of your meeting, giving you a hands-free meeting experience. deepTalk's features organizes your team with clear tasks, deadlines to meet, outlined topics, and more. deepTalk is the smart meeting assistant that will guide your team to collaborative and productive work. Smart meeting assistants allow teams to capitalize on what meetings are all about: sharing insights and promoting creative collaboration for the best outcomes.

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